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Inflector Window Insulator

The Inflector Window Insulator is the most effective system available to address the least energy-efficient part of your building: the window. It has been proven that the windows are the weakest link in the insulation value of your property. The reason is glass - losing valuable heat through conduction, convection and drafts.

Save up to 40% on energy costs.

NASA developed Reflective Foil Radiant Barrier for space travel. Now, there is a new breakthrough in radiant barrier technology: See-through radiant barriers for your windows. Removable, reversible, Inflector see-through radiant heat barrier window insulators address all of the seasonal changes throughout the year, keeping the heat in the building during the winter, while keeping the heat out during the summer. Inflector window insulation barriers are:
• Easy to fit and remove
• Cost effective
• Good looking
• Durable
• A substantial contribution to reducing carbon emissions
• A permanent Solution for High Energy Bills.
• Reduces heat loss through windows
• Takes advantage of the sun's natural heating energy - as an example, a 1.2m x 1.2m window in direct sunlight can produce 2096BTU's of heat per hour, which is equivalent to a 600-watt electric heater!
• Damaging UV rays are reflected back outside
• Reduces the load, wear & maintenance on heating and ventilation units.
• Reduces heating requirements and energy consumption which saves carbon emissions and money.

Winter Benefits

In the winter the Inflector window insulators are placed so that the silver side (aluminium) is facing inward, reflecting the thermal heat back into the building The black side of the Inflector faces outward and acts as a passive solar collector absorbing the suns rays and radiating the heat inward.

Summer Benefits

In the summer the Inflector window insulators are turned so that the silver side faces out.
• Reflects radiant heat back out through the window
• Prevents a home or office from heating up like a greenhouse
• Reflects damaging UV rays back out through the windows
• Reduces fading & sun damage
• Controls glare (especially for computers & televisions)
• Provides daytime privacy (one way vision)
• Provides cool day lighting with a view
• Reduces the load, wear, & maintenance on heating and ventilation units.
• Reduces cooling requirements which reduces energy consumption, saving carbon emissions and money.

The Inflector Evaluations.

Inflector window insulators have been proven to make a significant improvement in the insulation value of your windows. These simple tests show how.

The Inflector gives a reduction of 92°

The heat bulb test
A 250W heat lamp shines on two thermometers. An Inflector panel is placed between them. The thermometer on the bulb side of the screen shows the temperature reaching 183F, but beyond the Inflector the temperature is only 91F – a reduction of 92F!

How much heat is reflected by different kinds of windows, and how much difference can the Inflector window insulators make? The EDTM glass testing equipment enables us to demonstrate.

In this experiment a bulb shines on a calibrated power meter. Three different types of glass are placed between the bulb and the meter, which shows how much heat passes through the glass.

Types of glass tested:

Single pane clear Double pane clear Double pane low -E

The photographs show how the meters measure the amount of heat passing through the glass. Single Pane Clear: 85% of the heat passes through. Double Pane Clear: 70% of the heat passes through. Double Pane Low-E: 61% of the heat passes through.

Now, instead of the glass, the Inflector screen is placed between the bulb and the sensor. The meter reading shows only 20 % of the heat reaching the meter – that's three times better than even the best double glazing.
Laboratory tests report the Inflector material reflects 72% of radiant heat, and 65 % of solar heat.

Test results of the 3 types of glass with Inflector

Single pane clear Double pane clear Double pane low -E

Now, let's try the windows again, this time with the Inflector insulating screen fitted. The photographs show the reduction in the percentage of heat that passes through each type of glass.
Single pane Clear: only 17% of the heat passes through the glass – down from 85%
Double Pane Clear: only 15% of the heat passes through – down from 70%.
Double Pane low-E: only 13% of the heat passes through – down from 61%

The above tests indicate that when the Inflector is added as an interior attachment to windows, the heat that passes through the glass will be substantially reduced. In fact, a single glass pane window with the Inflector is more energy efficient than a double pane low-E window!


Inflector has been independently tested.

WHO? Texas A&M University Department of Construction Science under the guidance of Keith Sylvester, Ph.D,
WHAT? From a 2002 report titled "Effects of the Inflector Solar Screens on the Thermal Properties of Windows"
RESULTS: "the heat gain attributed to the windows of a building using the Inflector solar glazing will be significantly reduced…" "Specifically, the U value of the glazing improved by an average of 54% for the winter condition and 50% for the summer condition."

WHO? Scanada Consultants Limited Senior Engineer Aril Parekh
WHAT? Air leakage/infiltration
RESULTS: Inflector Radiant Barrier Window Insulators in a controlled test "substantially reduces the air leakage through the windows by 64.8% to 71%. Inflector panels provide a good air-seal."

WHO? Scanada Consultants Limited
WHAT? Windows at the National Defense Medical Center tested before and after fitting Inflector Window Insulators.
RESULTS: Inflector Window Insulators "address a major concern of good envelopinginfiltration and air leakage".

WHO? Yellot Solar Laboratories
WHAT? Inflector was tested using ASHRAE Standard Number 74-73 at the Yellot Solar Energy Laboratory.
RESULTS: "A four foot square window (with Inflector Insulators in the winter configuration) would have a heat gain of 2096Btu/hr, which is equivalent to a 600-watt electric heater."

WHO? Ortech Laboratories
WHAT? Ortech Laboratories did an extensive test using accepted and proved methodologies
RESULTS: "Under daytime summer solar gain conditions the Inflector panel had the effect of reducing the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of the window by 49%. Under night time winter thermal conditions the Inflector insulator panels had the effect of reducing the thermal transmittance coefficient of the window by 37%"

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